Panama Dip

Initially conceived as a Whitley Bay-based project, the concept of Panama Dip is now informing my developing writing & research around Rachel Carson.

Each day, for one year, north east-based photographer, fine artist and digital developer Melanie Ashby (with whom I will be doing the Carson/Beadnell work) will take – among other subjects – a seascape photograph from a fixed geographical point. Over the seasons and while in residence in Beadnell we will collect photographic, fine art and other aid-memoir and artistic environmental data, that we will use to inform new digital and performative works.

The concept of Panama Dip will ultimately be a time-lapse look at, and homage to, the North Sea and Northumberland coast and with its processes we hope to encourage viewers and audiences to stop and to take the time to really look and see. In that stopping we hope there will be reflection on and appreciation of the north east coast and the emotional responses it elicits from each of us. In a wider sense we hope to encourage a big-picture look at our place in the ecosystems of the world we inhabit.

This year-long visual art and narrative collaborative project will run throughout 2015 and we are currently developing the project and fundraising. See Rachel Carson post for more information on our Beadnell-based work.


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