Sea Shifts: variations

A few years ago Edinburgh-based composer and close friend Steve Watson wrote the piece Sea Shifts, a 15-minute orchestral homage to the sea.

Steve and I are slowly developing Sea Shifts – via musical variations and poetic responses into a cross art form project that will explore the relationship between the hydrological and interpretative cycles and music and poetry. Water exists as clouds & rain, as run-off & rivers, as icecaps and snow-melt and as lakes and oceans. Its force and pace can be terrifyingly fast and glacially slow. Similarly an artistic concept can exist as a composition both in music and in poetry: the same idea shifting through cycles of change and variation. Water erodes and shapes our physical world: art has a profound effect on our emotional landscapes, both private and public and the significance of water in our human evolution is immense – as big as the seas themselves.

Our artistic process is two-fold and has its roots in our shared love of the sea and seascape: first, Watson composes a 5-minute variation of Sea Shifts, then I create a poetic response to the music.

We envisage Sea Shifts: Variations existing in a variety of iterations, including: a live music performance, a gallery installation and an online experience.

Due to Steve’s professional commitments in another sector Sea Shifts: Variations happens sporadically and while we have no current work to perform we are committed and interested enough in our practice and experimentation to not give it all up just yet. We work on the project when we can and this organic process is one we are simply trusting to be the way forward. For now.


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